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We have been professionals in this sector for over two decades and have gained a commendable insight into this field. We provide end to end solutions for the documentation and visa processes for admissions to universities around the globe.

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Intensive personal GMAT coaching provided with a databank of over 4000 questions. The GMAT coaching involves 30 full length practice sets and 15 mock tests followed by rigorous test reviews and feedback.

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For GRE coaching: ample practice material on our terminals that facilitate students to practice to their full potential. The GRE coaching involves one-on-one support with the word bank, customized and synced with the new pattern of the GRE.

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SAT coaching involves thorough follow-up sessions with words through interactive quizzes and exercises. The SAT coaching involves 14 mock tests at the end of the practice sessions followed by rigorous test reviews and feedback.

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For TOEFL coaching: every student receives a terminal for practice sessions and all his activities are individually monitored. The TOEFL coaching involves one-on-one inputs for the speaking and writing sections.

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IELTS coaching provides in-depth instructions for the Academic and General Training Modules. The IELTS coaching involvesindividualized extensive practice and strategies to improve the student's performance on all aspects of the test.

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Expert faculty

Trainers at PROSPECTS are a focused lot, boosting the grades and morale of every student enrolled.

Excellent success rate

We can proudly say that for few thousand students whom we have guided for the documentation and visa process, there has been a 99% success rate.

Personalized Coaching

We have extremely dedicated, experienced faculty that engage students on a one-to-one basis.

Friendly environment

Our friendly environment fosters realistic performance goals for our students

Abundant course content

The training center has more than 15 terminals brimming with the latest course content to suit all the test categories; the students are graded on a weekly basis.

Placements in world-renowned academic institutions

Prospects has sent more than a thousand students to pursue their education worldwide from renowned universities- Harvard, Columbia, Cornell,



Utkarsh Raval

Graduate Student at Harvard University

Working with Mrs. Pervin Doctor was easily the smartest decision I made while preparing to apply to graduate school.

Archa Kothari

Senior Principal Product Manager, Oracle Store at Oracle India Pvt. Ltd

Pervin is knowledgeable, well spoken, personable, clear and concise instructor.

Raksha(Killa) Bharadia

Founder at Bonobology Media

Pervin is sincere and good at her work. My daughter Aishwarya greatly benefitted through her classes.

Ronak Shah

New Product Launch Program Management @ AMAZON

Pervin Mam is a great inspiration to all the students who want to go abroad and broaden his/her experience.