About Us

PROSPECTS is an education consultancy that caters to the needs of students aspiring to go abroad for education purposes. It offers a wide range of universities, the selection of which is profile oriented. The student is assignesd universities best suited to his credentials; this process enables him to ensconce in sync with his capabilities.

Online applications are also volunteered at PROSPECTS, guaranteeing error free processing. Rigorous and repeated training sessions or mock interviews are conducted individually with every student to instill in him the content and confidence demanded at the US embassy. Post visa guidance is imparted before the student departs so that he can adapt to the cultural and academic diversity.

Over a decade now, PROSPECTS has winged out to more than a thousand students to pursue their education in the U.S.A. from renowned universities- Columbia, Cornell, Carnegie Mellon, Georgia Tech, Texas A & M to name a few.

What We offer

PROSPECTS also houses a training center for all the relevant tests (GMAT, GRE, SAT, TOEFL, IELTS) that are mandatory for seeking admits from foreign universities and institutions.

The training center has 17 terminals brimming with the latest material to suit all the test categories; the students are graded on a weekly basis. The trainers at PROSPECTS are a focused lot, boosting the grades and morale of every student enrolled.

Utmost care and attention is promised at PROSPECTS – At par with its motto: FUTURES PROMISED!!