Visitor Visa Documentation

Most of the visitor/tourist visas can now be launched online wherein all supporting documents can be uploaded and the fees can be paid online. For a few countries, you can apply online and then schedule a visit to the VFS in person to hand deliver the documents. Visitor's visas to USA are scheduled over two days- for biometrics and for consulate appointment.

We at PROSPECTS meticulously plan and prepare our client files and ensure that all required documents are in place. We also go the extra mile to provide simulated interviews for our clients so that they are confident and aware of what is expected of them at the interview session.

We even monitor proper attire and overall appearance of the clients and train them with the etiquette essential to visas. Our visitor's visas have almost always been successful. We specialize in taking up refused cases, more than 90% of which have been deemed successful upon reapplication.